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    Having difficulty finding time to shop? Do you need a night out with some friends and/or family members? Want a unique way to host a fundraiser??Want to host an event, but don’t have a location? Schedule a private SIP & SHOP event at Ryloo Boutique! Having the entire boutique to yourselves provides time and space for you to shop your own unique styles with your friends!

    During the event, each person will receive 15% off all purchases.  Additionally, as the hostess, you will receive 20% off all items.  A minimum of 10 RSVPs are required for an event to take place.  Bring any food or drinks you'd like!  There are no rental fees for these events.  We want you to relax and enjoy your shopping experience with all your best friends.

    Please e-mail us to schedule your next Sip & Shop event at Ryloo Boutique at Once the date and details of your event are determined, Ryloo will provide you with a customized digital copy of an invitation to send out to your guest list.

    Happy sipping and happy shopping!